The Evolution of Perfection – A Newly Refined Second-Generation Mobile Compact Disc Player Makes Its Debut

Since its introduction in 1999, the Nakamichi CD-700 Mobile Tuner / CD Player has earned the distinction of “the standard reference others are compared against”. With its extraordinary sound quality and stylish appearance it has remained the preeminent mobile source of discerning car audio enthusiasts. In terms of design concept, parts selection, cosmetic appearance and of course sound quality, the CD-700 is in a class by itself.

Improving the sonic performance of the CD-700 was no small task. The first approach used was to further enhance the overall stability of the disc-drive mechanism. It is well known which external vibrations and shock can cause imprecise readout of the digital signal which can negatively affect sound quality. It is different in design from the typical spring-type clamps that simply hold the disc by friction, Nakamichi engineers made use of advanced magnetic to bring forth new levels of digital performance.

The CD-700II inherits the same innovative disc drive mechanism found in the original CD-700, but with a highly refined and stronger magnetic disc clamping system. This stronger magnetic force and refined disc chucking assembly is responsible for greater stability and a substantial reduction in jitter. In addition the entire mechanism has no direct contact with the unit’s chassis, so the compact disc is immune from external vibrations, assuring a pure and precise digital-data readout.

Uncompromised in every respect, the CD-700II is the culmination of years of Nakamichi’s research in the areas of electronic and mechanical engineering in relation to digital audio reproduction in the automobile.


• Uncompromising sound quality
• Hand-selected left and right channel 24-bit D/A converters
• 4-gang rotary analog volume control
• Selectable Analog/Digital CD changer inputs
• 5-volt preamplifier output
• Safe and reliable disc handling
• Noise rejection shielding
• Aluminum faceplate and volume control knob
• CD changer controller




Preamplifier Section

Frequency Response 15 - 30,000 Hz ±1 dB (AUX to Pre Out)
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.001% (1 kHz)
AUX Input Level / Impedance 1 V / 10 kohms
CDC Input Level / Impedance 1 V / 10 kohms
Output Level 5 V
Tone Controls
Bass 20 Hz ±12 dB
Midrange 1 kHz ±9 dB
Treble 20 kHz ±6 dB

FM Tuner Section

Frequency Range

U.S.A. 87.5 - 107.9 MHz in 200 kHz steps
Other Area 87.5 - 108.0 MHz in 50 kHz steps
Sensitivity 10 dBf (0.9 µV 175 ohms)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 60 dB (Mono)
Stereo Separation 35 dB (1 kHz)
Antenna Input 75 ohms (Unbalanced)

AM Tuner Section

Frequency Range

U.S.A. 530 - 1,710 kHz in 10 kHz steps
Other Area 531 - 1,602 kHz in 9 kHz steps
Sensitivity 32 dBµ
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 45 dB

CD Player Section

System Compact Disc Digital Audio
Error Correction CIRC Principle
Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz
D/A Converter Type 24-bit converter with 8-times oversampling digital filter
Frequency Response 20 - 20,000 Hz ±1 dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio Better than 105 dB
Dynamic Range Better than 100 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.003% (1 kHz)


Power Source 14.4 V DC, negative ground
(10.8 ~ 15.6 V allowable)
Current Consumption 2.5 A
Installation Dimensions*
Main Unit 178 (W) x 50 (H) x 159.5 (D) mm
7 (W) x 1-15/16 (H) x 6-1/4 (D) inches
Outer Dimensions*
Main Unit 178 (W) x 46 (H) x 177.8 (D) mm
7 (W) x 1-15/16 (H) x 7 (D) inches
Power Supply Unit 137 (W) x 31.2 (H) x 85 (D) mm
5-3/8 (W) x 1-1/4 (H) x 3-3/8 (D) inches
Main Unit Approx. 1.6 kg / 3 lbs 8 oz
Power Supply Unit Approx. 0.5 kg / 1 lb 2 oz

Specifications and design are subject to change for further improvement without notice.

* Dimensions do not include protruding parts. Height is the panel height.