Gold Cup Point's
Race & Jr. Gold
Crown event, plus
Outlaw Street,
Street Truck &
Nostalgia Finals,
plus Trophy too!
Sat., Sept. 20
Opens: 9 am
Race: 2 pm
Adults: $11
Kids: $3
Larry Miller
Sundance Dodge
Best of Detroit-
Chevy Cup,
Mopar Cup,
Ford Cup
& B.O.P. Cup,
Street Bike
Point's Finals
& Dragster -
Roadster Cup
presented by
Kidd Performance
& Les Schwab
Sun., Sept. 21
Opens: 9 am
Race: 2 pm
Adults: $11
Kids: $3
4th Annual Fall
Swap Meet -
Gold Cup Point's
Finals &
100 MPH
King Kong
Sat., Sept. 27
2nd World Cup
Sport Compact
vs. Domestic
Clash & open
Sat, Oct. 4th
NAPA Auto Parts
Classic XV
presented by
Peterson Toyota
Oct. 15-19
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Halloween Classic XV 
Halloween Classic Pre-Entry (Form)
Halloween Classic XV Brochure (page one) (Page two)


High School #1
W: Brittany Alley, Eagle High ('70 Chevelle) - 13.78, 95.78 (13.80 dial).
R/U: Alex Smith, Kuna High ('68 Firebird) – foul, 11.19, 121.80 (11.09 dial).
Semi's: Trevor Sigler, Mtn. View High ('07 Cobalt).

High School #2
W: Ryan Brecht, Eagle High ('69 Camaro) - 14.82, 92.73 (14.85 dial).
R/U: Weston Radford, Columbia High ('81 El Camino) – foul, 14.48, 97.09 (14.35 dial).
Semi's: Amanda Moncarr, Mtn. View High ('00 Mustang).

High School #3
W: Kevin Higgins, Kuna High ('07 Dodge) - 16.45, 77.84 (16.22 dial).
R/U: Tanner Valvold, Middleton High ('92 BMW) - 16.99, 80.51 (16.70 dial).
Semi's: Chris Bidondo, Meridian High ('80 Camaro); Amanda George, Columbia High ('06 Ford).

High School #4
W: Luc Hull, Middleton High ('02 Ford) – 18.50, 58.96 (17.38 dial).
R/U: Sam Powell, Middleton High ('78 Ford) - broke.
Semi's: Chris Caustow, Borah High ('94 Saturn).

High School #5
W: Tim Wallace, Mtn. View High ('06 Colorado) - 18.73, 73.85 (18.30 dial).
R/U: Jake Rick, Nampa High ('92 Mazda) - 18.87, 73.63 (18.70 dial).
Semi's: Jake Arndt, Nampa High ('88 Nissan).

Alumni #1
W: Carl Youngstrom ('70 Trans Am) - 10.33, 124.00 (10.31 dial).
R/U: Bobbi George ('68 Nova) - 10.09, 134.04 (10.00 dial).
Semi's: Scott Downard ('82 Camaro); Mike Osmus ('72 Datsun).

Alumni #2
W: Don McMain ('06 Cobalt) - 17.44, 79.50 (17.42 dial).
R/U: Byron Stewart ('03 Malibu) - 17.23, 72.31 (17.30 dial).
Semi's: Shannon Dougal ('87 Mustang).

Quick Import
W: Mike Dome ('92 Civic) - 14.45, 88.25 (14.35 dial).
R/U: David Meimann ('94 Mercedes) - 14.33, 97.69 (14.27 dial).
Semi's: Alex Hribik ('05 Dodge).

Street Import
W: Troy McDonald ('07 Pontiac) - 14.70, 94.66 (14.70 dial).
R/U: Zeke Johnson ('05 Cobalt) - 17.19, 77.69 (17.31 dial).
Semi's: Chris Townsend ('92 Subaru); Ed Scott ('02 Focus).

Junior Lightning
W: Rayce Kidd ('03 Junior) - 9.18, 70.10 (9.10 dial).
R/U: Wes Morris ('06 Junior) - 9.07, 70.82 (8.97 dial).
Semi's: Alex Steen ('08 Junior); Camille Shaffer ('02 Junior).

Junior Thunder
W: Amanda Luckow ('95 Junior) - 12.13, 50.40 (11.94 dial).
R/U: Matthew Burger ('95 Junior) - 11.57, 54.12 (11.34 dial).
Semi's: Chandler Steen ('04 Junior); Michael Jaggers ('95 Junior).


Congratulations goes out to the 2008 Club Challenge season-end champions: Melba Outlaws, Hot Shots and Modern Rodders. Over two dozen clubs put up a strong fight throughout the season, but in the end—these three teams prevailed.

Individually, Matt Stocker, PSI Racing (#1), Terol Rasmussen, Melba Outlaws (#2), Johnny Leedy, Valley Corvettes (#3), David Meimann, Modern Rodders (#4) and Robert Gourley, PSI Racing (#5) all secured victories on the sixth and final race of the Club Series.

Next stop: the Quality Trailer Sales Club Grand Championships on Wednesday, October 15th, when 26 teams collide in the runoff for the tandem-axle trailer during the NAPA Halloween Classic.


Club Challenge #1
W: Matt Stocker, PSI Racing ('69 Nova) - 11.37, 117.05 (11.36 dial).
R/U: Dennis Jorgensen, Rock-It Racing ('71 Vega) - 10.16, 131.38 (10.16 dial).
Semi's: Steve Holland, Modern Rodders.
Qtr’s: Steve Manceck, PSI Racing, and Matt Compton, PSI Racing.

Club Challenge #2
W: Terol Rasmussen ('66 Chevy II) - 12.34, 105.99 (12.33 dial).
R/U: Steve Obray ('71 Chevelle) - 11.39, 117.53 (11.33 dial).
Semi's: Marc Riggs, No Trailer Racing, Ryan Resinkin, Bowtie Bandits.
Qtr’s: Melanie Hodge, Melba Outlaws, Barry Blessin, Valley Corvettes, Chet Lee, Melba Outlaws, and Nick Marsala, Hot T & C.

Club Challenge #3
W: Johnny Leedy ('98 Corvette) - 14.28, 106.34 (13.03 dial).
R/U: Jackie Alley ('69 Camaro) - foul.
Semi's: Chris Townsend, Hot Shots, John Maas, FPS Racing.
Qtr’s: Shayne Schaefer, Hot Shots, Jason Squire, Hot Shots, and Charles Hurlbert, Mission Impossible.

Club Challenge #4
W: David Meimann ('94 Mercedes) - 14.34, 98.01 (14.28 dial).
R/U: Chuck Bower ('03 Vette) - 13.73, 96.31 (13.75 dial).
Semi's: Randy Lyons, Modern Rodders.
Qtr’s: Doug Stewart, No Trailer Racing, and Jeff Thatcher, Neighbors Nightmare.

Club Challenge #5
W: Robert Gourley ('75 Corvette) - 15.81, 88.66 (15.80 dial).
R/U: Jeff Burns ('71 Monte Carlo) - 16.24, 84.98 (16.15 dial).
Semi's: Ken Casteel, Mopars Unlimited.
Qtr’s: Byron Stewart, PSI Racing, Heather Jaycox, Naughty Girls, and Lance Young, Modern Rodders.


For those of you who haven’t heard the news just yet, we are proud to announce the addition of a very beautiful and functional Jet Track Dryer. Thanks to a variety of companies who supported this effort, the Jet Express, as we’ve coined it, is a valuable asset to have when Mother Nature decides to interrupt one of our major events. Although a rarity in our market, which traditionally receives around 11 inches of precipitation during an entire calendar year, it is nice know when you attend races like the Ignitor, Nightfire or Halloween Classic, this tool will now be available for us to operate.

There are a number of entities that are credited with pulling this significant feat off. We certainly couldn’t have made it all happen without the likes of Ron Liese at Equipment Consultants, Tim Ketlinski at Qualafab, Aaron & Gale Sasser at Lasasco, Tim Wallace at Westside Bodyworks, Rene Gonzalez at Signs Now on Orchard, Dave Barcelon at Truck Town Trailer Sales or Darin Bay & Bill Hosford who operate a Jet fab shop west of Portland.

It was just over three years in the works. And by all account, it surpassed all our expectations. To each of those who supported this effort—you all deserve an A+ from everyone in the racing community and the New family. To learn more about how it all started, evolved and came to happen, the whole story is profiled in more detail with photos here:  (More of the story)


If you’re not doing anything on Friday or Sunday this weekend, why not come on out to Firebird. First off, the Fairly Reliable Bob’s Club Challenge finals are Friday, Sept. 12th. Then Sunday, we wrap up the titles in the Fall High School & Alumni Series. In addition, both the Quick and Street Import classes and Junior Thunder & Lightning divisions will be contested, too.

Friday opens at 2 pm, followed by eliminations at 6:30 pm. Sunday opens at 8 am, with first round of racing at 2 pm. At each event: Adults are $11, kids 6-12 are $3, and toddler’s 5 & under are free.

Friday will see one of the most intense point’s battles in Club history. In the Silver Cup, the Melba Outlaws hold a very slim lead over PSI Racing and the Naughty Girls, while both the Mopars Unlimited and Valley Vettes round out the top five.

The Bronze Cup sees the Hot Shots leading the way. The top five is rounded out by the Kuna Draggers, Valley Corvettes, Barely Street Legal and Damage, Inc.

The Copper Cup is far from over, too. The Modern Rodders are presently leading all challengers. The Bowtie Bandits are second, while Idaho Turbo Diesel, Mad Moose, Mission Impossible and Loco Motion occupy second thru sixth.

All we know for certain is that it’s going to be one terrific night of racing.

Sunday also sees a number of tight chases. Mountain View is attempting to win its first year-end championship over Meridian in the AAA Series, while Kuna is just six rounds in front of Middleton in the AA standings.

Individually, Chris Wingert is currently first, while Courtney Alley and Rich Pedraza Jr. are a close second. In Alumni, Mark Moore is four rounds in front of Don McMain, Lisa Johnson and Travis Green (all tied for second).

Eric Etnyre will attempt to win the track’s first Quick Import title, but is only 3 points in front of Mike Dome. In Street Import, Troy McDonald leads Aaron McCoy by just one round of racing.

The Junior Thunder and Lightning ranks are also going right down to the wire. Both categories begin a three-race, three-week stretch run that will wrap up the year on Saturday, Sept. 27th.

See you this weekend!


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