1988 Mercedes-Benz 300 CE 3.6 Coupe Customized by Brabus
This was not an Alfa--but it was as close as a German car can be! It's a rare and beautiful coupe version of the landmark Mercedes 300E... but so much more! Customized by European Benz tuner Brabus (similar to AMG, and more popular in Germany). They bored the engine to 3.6 liters, and upped its power substantially--the last owner claimed 300 hp, though we haven't verified that on a dynomometer... it's definitely NOT your father's E-Class! It is to our knowledge the only 5-speed 300 CE in the U.S. (there are 5-speed sedans, but the high-line, $50,000+ coupe was not offered with it here). A shame as it's a lovely tranny! So this car is rare, so rare it may be unique... and amazingly, it had only 36,000 original miles! Since purchasing the car we have done all work needed for it to pass Virginia's tough inspection and installed new brakes, mufflers, motor mounts etc... it was ready to impress. We adored this car, and it got us involved in the Mercedes Club and very into the marque, but unfortunately, we recognized that it could bankrupt us! It was time for a warrantied new car, so we replaced it with a far tamer C240 6-speed, a neat car in its own right. The Brabus was bought by a musician from Annapolis who was very into sailing... and cruising!

The picture above is worth more than 1,000 words; this car turned heads more than any other I have driven! Beyond the tasteful customization, this 300 CE's body is almost indistinguishable from a 1995 model, and it is close to flawless, with no dings in the metal (there are, however, a few nicks in the fiberglass front spoiler), absolutely no rust, and perfect paint. The five-spoke 16-inch Mim alloys are in new condition. The interior is very lightly customized, and features super-supportive black leather seats with grey trim; they are as new. The windows all go down with no pillar between them (this is the last true Mercedes hardtop coupe of its kind); between this and the generous power sunroof, it's a very airy car. The Kenwood stereo is terrific. Other key luxuries include power windows, locks, antenna, mirror, and dual climate control... The zebrano wood on the console is absolutely stunning. The other wood on the dash is polished burled wood (it doesn't match the zebrano wood). The engine is a Mercedes 6-cylinder unit tuned to 3.6 liters by Brabus, a firm like AMG that is actually larger in Germany and recently opened shop in California. They did the bodywork as well. The engine is as smooth as any Mercedes but a LOT more powerful. The car sure can move. It helps that unlike almost all American Mercedes, this one has a smooth-shifting 5-speed. No one I know has ever seen another 300 CE with stick shift in the States! Maybe the most unique and compelling thing about the car, though, is its 33,000 miles. Search as long as you wish, you will likely never find another decade-old 300-series Mercedes with less than twice this mileage. Since these cars easily last 200,000 miles and more, this one is effectively a virgin. 



The interior looks as fresh as a 36,000 mile car should.. Check out the 5-speed!




Looks great from the rear too. The trunk is absolutely as new.


Sheetmetal is straight as can be, no dings! Note the gloss of the paint, too. The rear angle may be the most flattering for this coupe.

Unlike American CE's with their awkward wiper arms, this car has the sleek European headlamps with which it was designed. No cracks or chips. The grille and Mercedes emblem are painted body color, which is a rich, very dark grey metallic.


You have to drive this Brabus Benz to believe it!!!